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Disclaimer: The Session of Providence does not agree with all the content found in these links and resources. Yet, they provide helpful information to those wishing to look further into particular issues.

Apologetics Resources

Catechism Resources

Ecclesiology Resources

Eschatology Resources

Sacraments Resources



Worship Resources


World Magazine On The Web

Today’s News/Christian Views

Credenda Agenda
A Religiously and Philosophically Cultural Trinitarian Journal

Desiring God Ministries
This site is associated with John Piper

The Francis A. Schaeffer Institute
This site is associated with the late Reformed scholar Francis A. Schaeffer

Spurgeon Archive
Great collection of CHS’s works

What is the Gospel?
Two ways to live

Trinitas Christian School
A Classical Christian School here in Pensacola, Florida

Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches (CREC)
Providence is a member in the CREC.

Biblical Horizons
James B. Jordan ministry.

Having Two Legs Blog
Rev. Toby Sumpter’s blog
Rev. Peter Leithart’s blog

Resurrectio et Vita
Rev. Uri Brito’s blog

Blog & Mablog (Doug Wilson’s Blog)

Canon Press

Theological/Sacramental articles by Mark Horne and Rich Lusk

Athanasius Press
One of the world’s largest sermon database

Free Christian Books (several great theonomic works for free)

St. Anne’s Pub
An intelligent and insightful podcast by Rev. Joost Nixon

New St. Andrews

Covenant Media
Books and audio from the late Greg Bahnsen

Children’s Music – Jamie Soles
Biblically-saturated music for our covenant children

American Vision

Federal Vision
A website dedicated to exploring the Federal Vision controversy (both pro and con)