Vision Statement

We envision a church of 200-300 members who are passionate about Christ being all in all. Their heart’s desire is to spread the passion they have for the supremacy of God in all things. They are a Reformational people, who know where they came from and where they are going. They desire growth of the church, but their first priority is to be a sound, holy, and unified church for the glory of Christ, strong in doctrine and focused on practical, applied Christianity. They are lucid and logical thinkers who seek to take every thought captive to the obedience of Christ. Their worship is scripturally transcendent, aesthetically beautiful, historically informed, and God-centered. The holiness, sovereignty, grace, and beauty of God in Christ drives their worship, not consumer likes and dislikes.

We envision integrating the family into the life and structure of the church, with the family, instead of programs or buildings, forming the grid for discipleship and community. Families are strong, with fathers taking their biblical place as ministers to their “little flocks” and mothers seeking and fulfilling their primary ministry in the home. Families observe regular family worship in the home and then come together as one family on the Lord’s Day. Our men meet regularly to study the Scriptures, sing hymns, and seek guidance for the church.

We envision sacrificial love for one another pervading the relationships of the church, with church members joyfully fulfilling their church covenant. We envision a regenerate membership who understands both the privileges and responsibilities of church membership. The church is a ministering body, with members knowing their spiritual gifts and actively using them to serve one another in love. The church is a warm church that practices fellowship, especially through the discipline of hospitality. We want to eradicate suspicion, distrust, neglect, accusation, hypocrisy, and selfish ambition as poisons to true fellowship. We want to aim for a spirit of acceptance, understanding, and compassion alongside a desire for accountability, truth, integrity, and loving confrontation.

We envision ever-expanding circles of influence for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our first responsibility will be for our own “Jerusalem,” as we evangelize through the web of relationships where we live and support ministries in our own area that proclaim the gospel. We also will have an impact on our “Judea and Samaria” and “uttermost parts of the earth” – that is, North America and beyond to other continents – as we create strategic partnerships with likeminded missionaries. Our overarching desire is for God to raise up missionaries and strong witnesses for Christ from our own number who will go with the gospel and risk for the sake of the nations and the kingdom of God. We envision beginning a number of church plants that will expand our circle of influence for the gospel of Christ.